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All Things Maine

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Druid Park

The Bath Community Forestry Committee has set out to complete a project begun in the early 1800s, and given the unlikely name "Druid Park."
The bare triangle of grass and trees which lies in front of the Cemetery and Parks building had originally been laid out as an entry to the gated, dignified cemeteries. The plan was never implemented. Only the name on a piece of moldering paper in the Cemeteries and Parks Office’s files gave the Committee the clue that a park was possible. And, the Committee, unwilling to rest on ten years of success, set out its task of building the park in the next several years.

And so, Bath’s newest park, with its original name, Druid Park is underway. At one of Bath’s busiest intersections, North Street, Congress Street, Lincoln Street and Oak Grove Avenue, a small park with meandering paths, ample seating for contemplation and reflection, flower beds, and towering trees will soon be planted. [Link (pdf)]


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