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All Things Maine

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Colby Grad Named ABC Anchor

Colby College graduate Dan Harris is the new anchor at ABC's World News Sunday.
Harris was a reporter for NBC affiliates in Bangor and Portland before becoming an anchor for New England Cable News.

His work there led Harris to be hired as a reporter by ABC News.

Although working for one of the major networks amounts to reaching the pinnacle in the TV news business, Harris said, in the most fundamental respect, his job is much the same.

"You are doing the same things as an ABC correspondent in Iraq as I did as a cub reporter at WLBZ in Bangor," he said. "Whether it's covering house fires in suburban Bangor or the fall of Baghdad, the mechanics, a lot of them at least, are the same. You are thinking to yourself, 'How can I make this story as comprehensive and as compelling as possible to my audience?'" [Link]


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