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All Things Maine

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tommyknockers & More

The last "Tommyknockers & More" bus tour of the year is scheduled for Sunday afternoon. The tour hits Bangor locations featured in Stephen King books and movies, including the place "where Ellie saw the 'Skinny Santa', the 'Sematary' where Stephen King presided over the funeral of Gage Creed, and more."
Although the $10 tours -- named for King's 1987 novel "Tommyknockers" -- are popular enough to support additional dates in the schedule, there are no plans to expand.

"We really try to limit it because we have an agreement with Stephen King that we don't drive by his house too often," [Jessica] Taylor said.

The buses don't stop at King's dark red Italianate mansion on West Broadway, but the tour guide points out the property that sits within black wrought iron gates adorned with spider webs and bats.

The tours, which the bureau has run for about three years, take about an hour and a half and include three stops where the 40 to 45 riders step off the bus to check out specific sites. [Link]
[Photo credit: Fit for a King (Stephen King) by Lawrence Whittemore]


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