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All Things Maine

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Maine's Grand Canyon

I like the way this Boston Globe article about Gulf Hagas Gorge begins, though what writer Stephen Jermanok calls "zealous pride" I would call typical Yankee leg-pulling.
Mainers are some of the most understated people in the country. So when I heard that they refer to Gulf Hagas as the "Grand Canyon of the East," I had to laugh at their zealous pride.

Gulf Hagas is a long, rambling gorge, not a mile-long pit in the ground. Yet, with the waters of the West Branch of the Pleasant River plunging through the narrow walls and careening over boulders to create a waterfall around every bend, I'm not exaggerating when I say that this day hike is one of Maine's finest.
Gulf Hagas—a National Natural Landmark since 1968—is located in Bowdoin College Grant East (T7 R10 NWP), between Brownville Junction and Greenville. Deirdre Fleming wrote a nice piece about the gorge in 2003 for the Press Herald.


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