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All Things Maine

Friday, October 20, 2006

Guns, Wedding Gowns and Cold Beer

Russ Anglen and Essie Fraser were married last weekend in a very special location.
It was the parking lot of Hussey’s General Store in Windsor, under one of the most famous signs in Maine, which advertises "guns, wedding gowns and cold beer." It was a special way for Anglen and Fraser to celebrate the 84th anniversary of their mutual employer.

"Hey, anyone can have a church wedding," Anglen said, following the parking lot nuptials. "We figured it would give the store a little publicity."
[Owner Elwin Hussey] still gets a kick out of the "wedding gown" sign, which started as an accident. Then the store workers noticed more and more drivers stopping to take pictures of it. The sign was once featured in Reader’s Digest magazine.

That sign is nothing, said the Reverend Janice Hisler, who conducted the Saturday shotgun celebration. "When they started selling hunting licenses, they put up a sign that said "We got Lice.’" [Link]


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