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All Things Maine

Monday, October 30, 2006

The Ghosts of Wickedville

Robert Levin writes in the Mount Desert Islander about "The Ghosts of Wickedville."
Just west of Hulls Cove, running north from the Crooked road on Norway Drive, lies an area once known for things other than scenic vistas and its proximity to town. A few around can still remember when the bucolic stretch of fallow pasture and forested land was known not as Town Hill, Hulls Cove or the Emery District, but rather by a more dubious name: Wickedville.
“We had a pretty rough neighborhood out there, back in the ’30s,” [Brad Gray] says. “I never hung over there too much. There were two families over there. They were always feudin’ about something. That’s how it got to be called Wickedville.”

Others have a different recollection as to why the neighborhood had such a nefarious name, though. “There was a house with a dance hall on the corner here,” says Cindy Owen, who has lived on the Stone Barn Farm, across the corner from where Mr. Gray’s store was, since 1960. “I think that’s why they called it Wickedville,” she says. [Link]


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