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All Things Maine

Thursday, October 26, 2006

From a Game Warden's Diary

Today at VillageSoup, retired game warden John Ford, Sr., of Brooks tells of apprehending a poacher using less-than-lethal force back in 1975.
The more I screamed for him to stop, the faster he seemed to run.

I was nearly out of breath and had gone about as far as I could, when I yelled, “Put the lead to him! Put the lead to him,” thinking that perhaps by making such an idle threat, it might convince him to surrender.

He never had the chance to do so. Suddenly, a large solid object went scaling by my head, striking the fleeing man a solid blow right in the middle of his shoulder blades and knocking him head over teakettle into the damp grass.
I later learned that one of my partners, who shall remain nameless, thought I’d yelled, “Put the light to him, put the light to him,” and he scaled his heavy metal flashlight at him like a skilled woodsman throwing a two-sided axe in a woodsman’s axe-throwing contest. He thought it just might slow him down a bit, and it certainly did! [Link]


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