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All Things Maine

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Salmon Fishing is Back

On Wednesday, Beau Peavey of Glenburn caught the first Penobscot River salmon in six years with a "pink ent" fly.
The 12-pounder is the first reported catch since the catch-and-release salmon fishery opened on the Penobscot on Sept. 15 — and the first sea-run salmon legally hooked in Maine waters since 1999.

To be precise, the 22-year-old Peavey wasn’t using bait on the end of his line. That would be illegal under the highly restrictive rules of Maine’s first salmon fishing season in more than six years.

Peavey is no newcomer to salmon fishing, having caught his first "Atlantic" at age 4 and dozens more since. In fact, he landed one of the last salmon in the same exact spot — known as the "B pool" — in 1999 before state officials decided the fish population was too fragile to allow even catch-and-release angling. [Link]


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