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All Things Maine

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Maine Troop Greeters

The tireless volunteers who greet troops passing through Bangor International Airport were featured Wednesday in a New York Times story.
Maine Troop Greeters has about 100 volunteers who operate out of the small room, which is lined with American flags, signed military T-shirts and maps of Iraq. They arrive about three hours before a flight to set out cookies donated by a local Sam’s Club, pies baked by volunteers, and candy and donuts. They also make sure free cellphones donated by local providers are available for troops to use.
The plane on that Monday night brought troops from bases in California, Nevada, Utah and Washington, and was headed to Ramstein Air Base in Germany and then to the Middle East. It was the 1,774th flight greeted since May 2003, with 335,195 men and women and 35 military dogs having passed through the airport. [Link (reg. req.)]
The group's website is worth visiting, if only for the pics of satisfied customers—both two- and four-legged.


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