All Things Maine
All Things Maine

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Flickred Maine

Flickr has plenty of groups devoted to Maine subjects. Here are a few of my favorites:
  • Maine Rogue Photographers Association — "We're Maine's Rogue Photographers. We see what the tourists don't see. We know there's more to photographing Maine than landscape photography, and we're not afraid to share it."
  • Essence of Maine — "This group is designed to show out-of-staters what this great state has to offer so please, only post photos that have been taken in Maine that illustrate what a visitor might encounter."
  • The Real Maine — "Yes, millions of people visit (and photograph) this state we call home, but most tourist impressions are images of lighthouses and quaint shoppes. Let's show them the "real" Maine, what you see every day, be it gritty, simple, beautiful or nasty!"
  • Where in Maine is that? Or, "You can't get there from here." — "Let's play the where is it game!! You post a photo, and maybe people will try to guess where it is. If you see a photo, and know where it is, post a comment! You could win fabulous prizes, or not..."
  • Maine - The Way Life Should Be — "Living in Maine. Show what your life in Maine is like. Try to help the people from 'away' to understand why we Love this state so much."
  • Portland, Maine — "All things related to the largest city where America's day begins. Let's discuss where to get the best burgers, how to stop at a 4-way stop, and other items of interest to Portlanders."
  • Portland or Portland??? — "This group is all about photographs of people and places in two of america's coolest cities. Coffee shops, harbor shots, restaurants, street scenes, anything goes. Post what you like best about Portland or Portland."
  • Maine — "all things maine"


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