All Things Maine
All Things Maine

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dry Your Beans and Salt Your Pork

Kay Soldier reminds us in a guest column at that the best baked beans don't come in a can.
In the old days, on Friday nights, a couple of cups of dry beans would be put to soak overnight in a kettle of water. When Saturday morning rolled around, one of us kids would go down cellar to get a piece of salt pork to put in the beans. The beans that were by now all wrinkled, would be drained of their water and dumped into a beanpot (a round brown crockery container). The piece of salt pork would be rinsed off and scored by cutting criss-cross across the top, and it would get pushed down into the beans. A little molasses and some salt and pepper would be added and a little water, and the lid put on. Into the oven it would go, and the temperature set low. A little water added now and then made sure there would be some bean juice to dip biscuits in. [Link]


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