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All Things Maine

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Watch For Webs

The fall webworms are back in a back way this year. It seems you can't drive down a road in Maine without seeing their tents strung out through the treetops. Fortunately, the caterpillars (Hyphantria cunea (Drury)) are generally harmless to their host trees.
While they appear downright unsightly, those thick, grayish silk webs that stretch from one branch to another, and the caterpillars that weave them, do little damage to most of the trees they frequent, according to Jim Dill, the University of Maine Cooperative Extension pest management specialist. The fall web worm has been so abundant this year - likely because of the mild winter - that Cooperative Extension has fielded more calls than usual from homeowners wanting advice on how to eradicate the pest, Dill noted this week. "There seems to be lot more around this year, and we've gotten a lot more calls," Dill said. [Link]


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