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All Things Maine

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Chesuncook Making Headlines Again

Chesuncook Village made news last week after some of its residents blocked a new county road laid out through the township. Jim Brunelle believes this is the first time Chesuncook has made news in the past 35 years.
As far as I know, the last time anything newsworthy happened there was 35 years ago when the last log drive down the Penobscot River began with a pulp-filled boom being tugged across Chesuncook Lake.

As a reporter for The Portland Newspapers, I covered that historic event (actually one of about a half-dozen "last" log drives in Maine).
He also quotes another past visitor to the region.
Henry David Thoreau visited this place during a canoeing excursion in 1853, and wrote about it in "The Maine Woods." He found the experience, well, nourishing.

"For my dessert," he wrote following a wilderness meal, "I helped myself to a large slice of the Chesuncook woods and took a hearty draught of its waters with all my senses." [Link]


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