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Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Soldier's Son

John E. Hodgkins of Yarmouth shares a passage from his forthcoming memoir, A Soldier's Son: An American Boyhood During World War II, at the often-interesting Maine History Told by Mainers.
They, Pa in his uniform and Grandpa C.F. in his cardigan, jacket, and fedora, with a briarwood clenched in his teeth, went to the backyard and walked together.

They walked carefully. Spring had scarcely come to Temple. Snow had melted, and water puddled in the low places. The ground was wet, the garden untilled. Trees were barren of leaves, and the pasture waited for new grass. Remnants of split firewood lay strewn about, and the pasture gate hung open. I followed them. Pa jammed his hands into his rear pockets and said to watch out for the mud. Side by side, they meandered, more intent on talking than on walking. [Link]
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