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All Things Maine

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I-395 Equipped With Laser

The I-95 overpass on Interstate 395 in Bangor is getting some high-tech protection. The Maine DOT is installing a system that detects too-high loads before they reach the 14-foot, 4-inch overpass.
Once the vehicle gets onto I-395, about 1,000 feet before the overpass, a laser detects the vehicle's height and if too tall, arms a coiled wire loop system, a 6-by-6-foot wire and tube system installed Tuesday into the pavement, about 125 feet from the laser. The laser also triggers a warning sign for the driver to stop.

The armed loop detects when the truck goes over it and signals the camera to take a picture [of the vehicle's license plate]. [Link]
It's estimated that the overpass gets hit about once a month, with major hits causing $100,000 or more in damage.
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