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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Civil Air Patrol Base, Bar Harbor

Here's another installment from the Library of Congress's collection of FSA-OWI photographs: 236 black & white and 20 full-color images of the "Civil Air Patrol Base, Bar Harbor, Maine," taken by John Collier in June of 1943. This field is now known as the Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport in Trenton. The Bangor Daily News told the history of the base in its issue of Mar. 14, 1998:
The easternmost site in the group, designated as Bar Harbor base, was activated on Aug. 22, 1942, at the Trenton airport. The first mission was flown from Trenton on Sept. 5. The coastal patrol was not long on training or in most cases military discipline. You arrived at the base, were sworn in, and could be flying as an observer the next day. In its earliest days, Trenton had only two short runways and an 80-by-100 foot hanger. There were no facilities at the airport for people. The incoming flyers, who often brought their wives, found places to stay from Ellsworth to Bar Harbor. What the base lacked, they built. It was nothing to find a pilot and his observer return from a dawn patrol, get out of the plane and pick up a hammer and start working on the particular building under construction at that point.
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