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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ballad of the Beantowne Bosox

Gardiner lawyer Daniel W. Bates composed his Ballad of the Beantowne Bosox to celebrate the 2004 Red Sox season and World Series win. It begins, "Listen my children, and you shall hear Of a Team and a Towne and a Heck of a Year. 'Twas the 16th of April, Two Thousand Four When the BoSox of Beantowne kicked off some Lore."

More than a few of its 296 stanzas are devoted to Game 6 of the series.
Although Bates' epic stays true to events on the field, he exercises poetic license in his account of that game's confab among four umpires about whether Mark Bellhorn's shot that went "kablooie, well over Matsui" and bounced back onto the field was a home run.

In Bates' version, an ump grabs his cell phone and dials his cousin Corkie in Maine to see if the TV replay showed whether the ball cleared the wall. Corkie calls out to his wife Mavis, who says that it did -- "by two yahds." [Link]
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