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All Things Maine

Saturday, April 29, 2006

The World's Oldest Harness Racer

The world's oldest active harness racer is 84-year-old Orrin Phipps of Yarmouth, who is featured in the newest issue of Port City Life. He was also the founder of Yarmouth Lumber, which he owns now with his son.
When he gets frustrated about his driving, he thinks about a race he won in the summer of 2004. His eyes brighten while relating the event. "The top young drivers, they were battling each other, and I come blowing right by them with old Chooch." He pauses, and then flashes a smile. "When it was done, I said, 'You darn kids, I gotta thank you. You held those horses back.'" Cocking his wild eyebrows, Phipps's eyes widen as if he is still surprised by their response. "One driver looked up at me, and said, "'I broke my whip beating on my horse so I could beat you, but I just couldn't.'" Phipps falls silent for a moment, then casually adds, "I felt pretty good about that." [Link]
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