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All Things Maine

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Wes Shaw, Water Taxi Operator

Wes Shaw's life is well described as "Forrest Gump-like." For nearly 30 years, he's operated MDI Water Taxi and Launch Service out of Northeast and Southwest Harbors, and has met everyone from Elizabeth Taylor to Walter Cronkite to Martha Stewart.
... Shaw was hired to take Martha Stewart and her entourage from Seal Harbor to XYZ Restaurant in Seawall. It was shortly after Stewart had walked out of an interview with Katie Couric, in which she had been pressed for details about her alleged insider trading.

“I picked her up in Seal Harbor,” Shaw said. “I looked at her as we went out of the harbor and I said, ‘You look tired.’ She looked right at me, she said, ‘Wes, if you lost $187 million in one day how would you look?’”

Two nights later, Shaw watched former CBS evening news anchor Dan Rather report Stewart’s loss to the world. [Link]
But Shaw's finest moments have been his good deeds, quietly done. Like the time he helped Ted Kennedy, Jr., secure a replacement prosthetic leg, or when he aided in the rescue of an eagle in Blue Hill Bay.

As if that weren't enough, Wes Shaw has also been a publisher of books, directories, and popular maps of Acadia—like those seen here.

Sadly, Shaw is now selling his boat—Ripples—and his business due to a combination of ailments that threaten to claim his life. A life well lived.
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