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All Things Maine

Monday, April 17, 2006

Maine's Cultural Geography

American Ethnic Geography has some interesting cultural maps of the United States. One set of maps illustrates church membership and religious affiliation for different regions of the country. The map of Religious Adherents as a Percentage of All Residents, 2000 shows that Aroostook County has the highest percentage of affiliated churchgoers, followed by York, Cumberland, Androscoggin, and Kennebec Counties. The rest of Maine is ranked the same as northern Alaska and the desert regions of Arizona. The leading church body is Catholic for all counties. As one would expect, less common religions—Islam, Judaism, Eastern Orthodox, etc.—are better represented in Maine's more urbanized counties.

Another map shows the predominant ancestry of residents of each county. Setting aside French-dominated Aroostook, Maine is perhaps the most Anglo-Saxon of states—rivaled only by Utah. Other maps show that we're politically moralistic Yankees with fairly small families.
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