All Things Maine
All Things Maine

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Italian Sandwich Claims Another Soul's resident flatlander, Colleen Stone, finally went to Amato's for a Maine Italian sandwich—a decision she does not regret.
Bushey started on my sandwich, slicing the bread and filling it with slices of Genoa and provolone and a handful of chopped onion. Then she speared a whole pickle with a knife and sliced it by hand over the sandwich. She followed suit with the tomatoes, green pickles and olives. Pre-slicing the veggies would be faster, she conceded, but they just don't taste as good if you let them stew in their juices. Maine Italians are a labor of love. [Link]
Be sure to sit through the entire audio-slideshow for Colleen's greasy-fingered money shot.
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