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All Things Maine

Saturday, April 15, 2006

The House That Doug Built

Doug Malloy's hand-built home in Athens is a one-of-a-kind creation, with a front door six inches thick, and interior door latches carved from cherry burls.
A mural of cedar shakes decorates the side of one outbuilding. The roofline of the woodshed emulates a Japanese teahouse. An enormous tamarack root, arching gracefully and aged to a lustrous silver, holds up the roof of a third-floor porch. Every door is arched, every window frame rounded, every latch a work of art.

Inside, from the soft curves of the kitchen cupboards to the china closet made of elm in the living room to the cedar bathtub - which hasn't leaked in 30 years - Malloy built them all.

There is not a hard edge or a squared corner to be found. Visitors can't help caressing the rounded doorways or the silky soft banisters. This is a house that begs to be touched, not just seen. [Link]
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