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All Things Maine

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Caves in Maine

Maine is not known for its caves, but the website of the Boston Grotto offers a broad sampling of spelunking sites found in our state—from sea caves accessible by kayak to talus caves in the western mountains caused by glacial action.

The author notes opportunities for discovery in Maine:
There is a large band of cliffs running southwest from Otis to the sea that has a number of fissure caves with many areas still unexplored. There are a number of extremely large talus fields in Baxter State Park but most are extremely remote. The largest are found in the Little North Basin and Northwest Basin. There are a number of small deposits of limestone and marble found across the state that offer good potential for finding new caves. Finally the coast of Maine is rock bound with many cliffs, coves and islands. Much of it has not been explored for caves and sea kayaking in just beginning to become structured and allowed around many of the privately owned islands off the coast.
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