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All Things Maine

Sunday, April 23, 2006

1972 — A Strange and Interesting Year

Former game warden John Ford, Sr., writes today at VillageSoup of "1972 — a strange and interesting year." Among his memories: a one-legged man's fatal attempt to recover roadkill, and an anticlimactic pheasant release at Frye Mountain.
The reporter was ready for action as we pulled into a remote field. It was show and tell time. Time to open the crates and allow the birds to fly away! The photographer, with his expensive camera aimed at the back of the truck, was ready to capture the moment on film as the biologist opened the doors on the small crates. Instead of the normal mass exodus of fleeing pheasants, some of them plopped out of the cage, falling motionless onto the ground.

Most of the birds were either dead or near death — apparently they had suffocated from the extreme heat and packed quarters. [Link]
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