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All Things Maine

Monday, March 20, 2006

The Polka King of Kittery Point

Kittery accordianist Gary Sredzienski is profiled today at Pitchfork.
Sredzienski is one of a handful of full-time, professional accordionists in America, and he's been recognized by everyone from the accordion teacher's association that once ranked him as Connecticut's #1 nine-year-old accordionist, to the U.S. State Department, who once sent him to represent America on a tour of Romania. But if it hadn't been for his radio show, his music career might not have taken off. In some circles, Sredzienski is famous not as a musician but as the DJ and host for one of New Hampshire's most legendary radio programs: "The Polka Party", which airs every Saturday morning from the University of New Hampshire. [Link]
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