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All Things Maine

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Kirby's Maine Connection

The late, great Kirby Puckett was playing in Maine when called up to the majors in 1984. In a 2002 Downeast article, Chad Finn remembered seeing him play at The Ballpark:
The Guides lost to the Toledo Mud Hens by something like a 17-1 score. Of all the Mud Hens who circled the bases that day, it was a rotund, shiny-scalped outfielder with an easy smile who caught my eye. I asked my dad, holding the game program, for the player's name.

"Kirby Puckett," he said, adding indifferently, "A guy built like that will never make it."

A week later, Puckett was gone, up to the big leagues and the Minnesota Twins. I doubt he's been back to Toledo or Old Orchard since, but he did make it to Cooperstown this summer. Kirby Puckett is a Hall of Famer. My dad still is not a scout. [Link]
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