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Thursday, March 02, 2006


The Sundance Grand Jury Prize in Short Filmmaking went to two shorts this year, and one of the winners was filmed in Maine. Bugcrush, directed by Bowdoinham-bred Carter Smith, was shot last June at his alma mater in Topsham. Here's how Smith describes his film:
It's about a high school crush (that one student has) on a new kid at his school. Anyone can relate to a high school crush. When you read anything set in high school, you picture your own high school, so I pictured Mt. Ararat. We actually shot the film at Mt. Ararat, so that was cool, and we used students as extras, and we had one who had a role.

The story is set in a rural area, and it has the dark and sinister tone I look for; I love anything scary and creepy. It's about a crush that goes wrong, worst-case-scenario. It's about being lured into a world where you don't know where you're going, but you're willing to go because you think you're in love.

And there are bugs. [Link]
Bugcrush may be viewed online at the Sundance website.
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