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All Things Maine

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Tales from Quillifarkeag

G.K. Wuori's website offers glimpses of the experiences that spawned Quillifarkeag, Maine—a town so far north that the residents "stare off into the nearby nothingness of Canada, a nothingness that had the appeal of the back door to a house where a domestic dispute was going on."

Wuori's writings—including Nude in the Tub and An American Outrage—have prompted favorable comparisons to the Coen brothers of Fargo fame.

Here's how Wuori describes his homes in this state:
In Hampden, Maine, there was a small farm with a beautiful view over forested lands - white church steeples sticking up through the trees. We lost a cat on that farm to either a fisher or a coyote. Then came Presque Isle in Maine, forty miles north of the end of Interstate 95, a charming town, I once wrote, "tucked like a bug between the buttocks of Quebec on one side and New Brunswick on the other." [Link]
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