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All Things Maine

Friday, February 03, 2006

Maine Toothpicks a Thing of the Past

A reader wrote into the Peoria (Iowa) Journal recently asking "how and where toothpicks are made." The answer isn't surprising: China.
Not long ago Fo[r]ster-Diamond and the Penley Corp., the last two U.S. manufacturers, stopped making toothpicks.

A spokesman at Penley Corp., located in West Paris, Maine, said almost all toothpicks come from China.

"You might find a few manufacturers in other Asian countries but not too many," he said. "By far the majority comes from China."

However, he also said at one time Strong, Maine, a town of about 500 people, was home to the two largest toothpick manufacturers.

"Can you believe they were both located in the same little town?" he said. [Link]


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