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All Things Maine

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Loren Coleman Profiled

There's a great article on Portland cryptozoologist Loren Coleman in today's Boston Globe. It seems Stephen King isn't the only one intimidating UPS guys in Maine:
To believers, doubters, even skeptics, Bigfoot makes a big impression. The replica 8 1/2 - foot hairy hominoid -- crafted from the fur of musk oxen and buffalo, a hulking presence on the porch of a brown-and-yellow home in Portland, Maine -- scares the bejesus out of the UPS man. Still, it's right at home here on the doorstep of a man who has spent a lifetime investigating mysterious animal sightings. "I don't particularly feel like a strange person," Loren Coleman says. "It's the subject I study that's strange." [Link]
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