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All Things Maine

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Eternally Green

Ellen Hills has figured out a perfect use for the 14-acre parcel she owns in South Orrington. She wants to turn it into the state's first "green" cemetery.
A green cemetery is a final resting place where graves are placed randomly throughout woods and fields. The graves are marked only in natural ways, with the planting of a tree or shrub, perhaps, or the placement of a flat, indigenous stone. [Link]
The caskets would be biodegradable, as would their contents: no embalming fluid allowed.
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At 4:23 PM, December 12, 2008, Blogger Unknown said...

I think it is a fabulas idea I hope this idea catches on in canadaI myself wish to be burried this way but I,ve was worried about the legal aspects.I dont know to contact in canada if somebody does put some info out so myself and other people can learn more . If she goes with it Being from N.B. canada maine would feel just like home to me . Mark Thibodeau.


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