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All Things Maine

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What Will His Nape Net?

Mark Greenlaw of Biddeford — operator of — is auctioning off some real estate on the back of his neck as advertising space.
Thats right PERMANENT TATTOO the back of my neck with your company logo I am running a current auction for a temp all over my bald head but this auction here is for a PERMANENT TATTOO just imagine i will have your company on the back of my neck intill the day I die im 25 years old and still have 60+ years left in my life. [Link]
Asked what kind of exposure the ad will get, Greenlaw replied that he goes to concerts and to baseball games in Portland and Boston, and that "we also take our kids twice a summer to an amusement park called funtown."

With my luck, I'll wind up sitting behind him at the movies.


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