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All Things Maine

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Waldo-Hancock Bridge to Be Named Friday

The name of the new Waldo-Hancock Bridge will be announced Friday. Maine DOT has been soliciting suggestions on its website, a few of which never stood a chance.
“Yee Ha,” “Dyer Straits,” “Ohmygosh” and “Stephen King” are among the suggested names for the new bridge over the Penobscot River, which has been under construction for just over 25 months.


Befitting a business whose punny marquee displays regularly incite smiles and groans from Main Street drivers, Terry Grindle, of the Roland Grindle Insurance Agency, would like to see it called “Spandawadah Bridge” or “Spandarivah Bridge.” [Link]
The name "Waldo-Hancock Bridge" has been ruled out, since the old bridge by that name still stands.

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