All Things Maine
All Things Maine

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Trenton Lumberjill a Survivor

Following in the footsteps of Maine's previous Survivors, Tina Scheer — owner and host of the Great Maine Lumberjack Show in Trenton — will be a contestant on the CBS show this season. The first episode is scheduled to air Feb. 2.
Scheer, who splits her time between Maine and her hometown of Hayward, Wis., had told everyone she was going to British Columbia on lumberjill business, when she was actually roughing it in Central America. Her sister Judy Hoeschler, who lives in Wisconsin and is herself a world champion log roller, had no clue at all.

"I picked her up at the airport in Milwaukee," Hoeschler said. "And I said 'God, you're really tan. Is it that sunny in British Columbia?' She's very clever about keeping it a secret. All she ever says is 'I was awesome.'" [Link]


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