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All Things Maine

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Spring Break Conflicts with Orono Election

Three University of Maine students are running for town council in Orono. Though about half of the registered voters in Orono are UMaine students, no one has ever served on the council while enrolled at the college.

One problem though: election day is March 12, and the school's two-week vacation begins March 3.
Some students are upset about the conflict of dates between UMaine's spring break and Orono's election day. They believe that their representation is compromised because many students are not around when important decisions are made. Though this may be true, it is not through any fault of the town, according to town clerk Wanda Thomas. Traditionally, March is "town meeting" month in Maine, and the second Tuesday in March is Orono's voting day; it is the university that shifted vacation to occur during that time. [Link]


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