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All Things Maine

Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Perfect Hand

Dr. Kevin Finley of Bethel achieved the cribbage equivalent of a hole-in-one last week. He drew a perfect hand, against 800,000-to-one odds.
Last Thursday evening, Finley was playing a five-person game at the Suds Pub in Bethel. His partners were Punky Davis, Jette Black, Pat Roma and Steve Caswell.

“I knew I had a pretty good hand,” said Finley, as he looked down at the three fives, a jack and a two he had been dealt.

He discarded the two, as the rules call for each player to contribute a card to the “crib,” to be counted later.

Then, as casually as he could, he asked, “’What is a perfect hand?’ We joked about it — and then the five came up (on the card turned up from the deck). Then I knew I had it.” [Link]


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