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All Things Maine

Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Million Tags in 13 Years

For 13 years, second-grade teacher Nancy Barrett of the Kennebunkport Consolidated School has been having her classes collect plastic tags from loaves of bread. Her goal was "to collect a million of them, to show the class what a million of something looked like."
"The whole school has been involved," said Barrett. "At first, I found out the kids would go into supermarkets where they could get handfuls of tags. I had to put a stop to that. We started out keeping them in my classroom, but it eventually drove us out into the hall."

There had been 39 plastic storage bins lining the wall outside Barrett's classroom. Each bin holds 25,000 tags. The 40th and final bin was filled on Monday. [Link]
They had some help in reaching their goal: in 2002, a teacher in Hope donated 200,000 tags that he had been collecting.


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