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All Things Maine

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Maine Team Headed for Everest

In the next month, John Bagnulo—a professor of nutrition at the University of Maine at Farmington—and climbing partner Bill Yeo of Durham will be ascending Mount Everest the hard way: from the north side, without guides, and without oxygen.

Yeo will be collecting soil samples every 1,000 feet of the climb, to be tested later at USM "for deposits of metal on the mountain from coal burning and manufacturing plants." Bagnulo will be doing "field work on natural supplements for high-altitude climbers." But the climb won't be all work.
Yeo loves to read. But working at L.L. Bean and going to school for environmental science leaves him little time. He does most of his reading on major peaks.

Sometimes, Yeo said, he sits in his tent reading for three to four days while a storm rages outside.

"I hate to say it, but I'll bring my chemistry book. I really need to polish up on my chemistry," Yeo said. "I play the drums. We'll pull out pots and pans and play those." [Link]


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