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All Things Maine

Saturday, January 21, 2006

From Marsh to Mantelpiece

A new exhibit opens today at the Maine State Museum: From Marsh to Mantelpiece, celebrating the art of duck decoy carving. Also displayed are "tools used for carving decoys, firearms and ammunition from Maine's market hunting era, and items used for training hunting dogs." It runs through March 18.
John Otis slipped white cloth gloves over his hands and picked up an old working decoy, treating it with the delicate touch of a fine jeweler. Had the decoy's carver been there to witness this, he surely would have laughed.

"These decoys were thrown around boats and fish houses for years. They've taken a lot of abuse. Once they get here, we treat them like they were made of glass," said Otis, an educator at the Maine State Museum in Augusta. [Link]


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