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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Does Waldo County Deserve a Better Name?

Today at VillageSoup, Thomas Bamford of Northport argues that Waldo County should be renamed.

The county was named in 1827 for Brigadier General Samuel Waldo, who, as it turns out, trafficked in human beings.
Samuel Waldo's active participation in the slave trade makes him an unworthy namesake for our county, where hard work, independence and self-reliance are so highly prized. He was a wealthy man made even richer through his buying and selling of fellow humans, and it is time we held him responsible.

In coming weeks, I will present to the Waldo County commissioners a formal request to change the name of our county to one far more deserving. I hope the thoughts expressed in my recent columns provide sufficient justification for this action. I welcome your thoughts, both pro and con. [Link]
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