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Monday, January 23, 2006

Centennial of Stanley Land Speed Record

On Jan. 26, 1906, the Stanley Steamer — a steam-powered automobile invented and manufactured by twin brothers from Kingfield — set a land speed record of 127.659 that stood for four years. The 100th anniversary celebration commences tomorrow in Ormond Beach, Florida — site of the 1906 contest.
The centennial event planned for Tuesday through Saturday is the "single largest celebration the Stanley Museum has ever mounted," said Susan S. Davis, president of the Stanley Museum in Kingfield, Maine. Davis came down to participate in the effort to start up the steamer.

Expected from across the country for the event are 100 steam cars and other gas racers of the early 1900 vintage. Activities will include beach races and a looping tour to Espanola, near Bunnell, for a dedication of the recently restored old brick road. A beach parade, fly-overs by vintage aircraft, banquets and a car display at the Casements also are planned as part of the centennial celebration. [Link]
The Stanley Museum website offers tips on "How to get your steam car to Florida when it's freezing cold."


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