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All Things Maine

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

100% Guaranteed

Rex Hammock writes today of returning merchandise, and of L.L. Bean's famously liberal policy.
I asked the L.L. Bean service desk clerk what the most unusual "return" she'd ever heard about and she told me this: "Once, a person came in and said they had purchased a pair of Rayban sunglasses. While fishing, the customer had looked down from the boat at the water and the glasses fell off. The customer thought he should receive a replacement pair because it was the glasses fault." According to the clerk (and after watching their liberal returns policy in action for an hour or so, I had no reason to doubt her), the customer got a new pair of sunglasses. However, she explained: "We have ways of keeping customers from abusing the policy." [Link]
Leon Leonwood's motto was "I do not consider a sale complete until goods are worn out and customer still satisfied."
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