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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A New Year's Rockin' Eve in Bangor

Forget Times Square. The place to be this New Year's Eve is West Market Square in Bangor, where revelers will be shouting "Five, four, three, two, one. Chuck it!"
Bangor attorney Stephen Smith last year instituted the first low-budget New Year's Eve affair on a whim. He threw a big, purple beach ball covered with white Christmas lights from the roof of 26 Main St. while 200 to 300 people gawked from the square below.

Smith was so pleased with the turnout that he decided to put more planning into the event to make it bigger and better in 2005.

"The ball is going to be twice as big with twice as many lights," he said a few days before Christmas, "but it only cost about 10 bucks more. And we're going to have confetti." [Link]
This year's festivities will also feature a celebrity ball-chucker. Governor Baldacci will be doing the honors, assisted by Bangor Mayor John Cashwell.

Says the Governor, "I won't be having any libations on New Year's Eve. I want to be accurate with the toss. I don't want to chuck it on somebody."
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