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All Things Maine

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bangor Explorer's Guild

The Bangor Explorer's Guild goes where the rest of us fear to tread — from a storm drain near Border's to the abandoned Bangor Waterworks building.

Here's a snippet from one BEG travelogue:
Under the Waterworks building there is a labyrinthine system of basements, tunnels, and crawlspaces. Our agents have led many expeditions into these areas and we suspect that there is still a lot left that we have not seen. Many of the tunnels and basements are the most dangerous parts of the Waterworks building. They are deep in the bowels of the building and it is often hard to find the ways into some areas. If someone got hurt or stuck down there, their cries for help could likely be heard from the main floor but few people would know how to get into where the screams are coming from. Because of this, we suggest that only the most experienced urban explorers lead expeditions into these areas, and that they travel in groups of at least three. [Link]
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