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All Things Maine

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

New Iris Hybrid Patented

A patent was issued Tuesday for an iris hybrid called "Mainestream Tempest," discovered by Mary S. Betts of Parkman.
The inventor discovered the new cultivar, 'Mainestream Tempest', in a seedling bed in her nursery in Parkman, Me. in 1993. The seedlings in the bed were derived from seed collected from open pollinated plants of Iris 'Orville Fay' (unpatented), a cultivar of Siberian Iris (hybrid origin).


Asexual reproduction of the new cultivar was first accomplished by rhizome division in 1994 in Parkman, Me. by the discoverer. The characteristics of the new cultivar have been determined to be stable and reproduced true to type in successive generations. [Link]
A patent application for a sibling called "MaineStream Spring" was co-pending.
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