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All Things Maine

Thursday, November 24, 2005

100% All-Natural Art in Holden

Artist Kris Sader of Orono has created "site-inspired, nature-based art" on the Ravine Trail at the Fields Pond Audubon Center in Holden. She's woven pine needles, twigs and branches into natural artworks that will weather and decompose over time. (Think Blair Witch Project, but not so creepy.)
She interwove pine needles that fell from the trees in 2004 and 2005 with fresh green pine needles. This woven piece, strung between two trees, holds the passage of time - three years.

She wove little windows into it to symbolize the promise of future. The warp of the weaving is 100-percent cotton, so it will decompose like the natural material it holds together. Sader placed this piece so that it is lit up by rays of the morning sun. [Link]
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